Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The charms of a moonlit night

A moonlit night is fascinating to any person in the world. Light of a moon is charming because it has no heat. Though the sun is the source of all energies. It is not fascinating to the people. The sun is necessary but moon is dear to us. Man thinks the moon as a dreamy and fairy object. In the past, the elderly people thought that there was an old woman spinning thread on the wheel. But scientists have recently discovered that the black spots on the moon are the mountains and craters on the moon. The children still love the moon in a moonlit, children stretch to get the moon in their hands. The light of the moon is soothing and pleasing. But the light of the sun is suffocating. A moonlit night presents various charms and beauties to all. It offers enchanting and charming sights. The moon shines in the azure sky. She looks like a disc of dazzling silver. The sparkling stars twinkle around the moon. The sky looks like a large canopy over flooded with light. The moon bathers the whole earth with her balmy beams. Everything appears to be coated with silver. Rivers, canals and tanks seem to smile in the splendid moonlight. The specks of cloud shine in the silver light of the moon. The creepers and trees look bright and sparking. The moon blesses the clouds and they add to the beauty of the sky. The ripples look like melted silver. The small boats of fisherman sail on shining water. The dim lights from the boats twinkle. The stars, clouds and the moon reflect on water and float on the waters of the rivers. A moonlit night has no less influence on birds and beasts. Birds come out of their nests burst out onto occasional notes. They are so much delighted that they cannot sleep so long as the light continues. Beasts are often found to come out of their folds and run to and fro. Everybody feels an ecstasy of joy in a moonlit night. The trees and forests also look magnificently beautiful in a moonlit night. If we look at fields and meadows in a moonlit night, they give us the idea of a fairy land to us. Forests and hills appear clad in a blaze of glory when the soft light of the moon floods them. Of all aspects of nature, a moonlit night is perhaps the grandest and beautiful. Men, birds and beasts enjoy themselves in a moonlit night. It removes the dullness and monotony of dark night and man prefers light to darkness.       patriotism